Helpful Maintenance articles



Now that it is spring, make sure you check all of your shore cords for any corrosion, melting or darkening at the cord ends or the shore inlet. Also make sure that if you are connecting more than one cord together at your dock, make sure you are using waterproof couplings to prevent corrosion.  Remember: a shore cord in poor condition can result in FIRE!

 Now is also the time to inspect your electrical panels, shore connections, and battery connections  Terminal screws can work loose over time and with exposure to vibration. This can lead to overheating and eventual failure with the possibility of fire.


This... Can lead to THIS


Another thing that is becoming more important with the use of alcohol and other corrosive additives in fuel is frequent inspection of all fuel lines and other rubber components.  If they are more than a few years old, they were never designed to handle alcohol fuels and may be deteriorating.  We advise you to have your fuel system inspected before you begin using your boat this spring.

These conditions are routinely overlooked.  Please call us to schedule an appointment for safety inspection.


We will continue to post safety issues we notice here as they come up